Stahlbau Petry

Quality Policy

Consulting, planning and implementation

The economic success of our company depends on the quality competition factor. Quality means completely fulfilling the expectations of the customers with our products and services. Quality ranges from the product idea to the product disposal.

The overall quality, i.e. the efficient design of work procedures and processes in all areas and at all levels of the company, the competence and satisfaction of the employees and the image of the company to the outside world should guarantee that the customer receives the product / service for the agreed quantity, at the agreed delivery date, at the agreed location, with the agreed design and at a price in line with the market and that his confidence in the ability of our company is maintained. The present guideline is part of our corporate strategy and thus binding for all business divisions.

Quality Responsibility

Performing services in line with the requirements is the task and obligation of every employee, i.e. everyone is responsible for the quality of the services performed by himself. The thinking and actions must be aligned with the requirements of the internal and external customers. The management initiates specific measures for qualification and further training and extensive motivation development programs and provides the corresponding resources. Among other things, this is a basic requirement for mastered processes and smooth, faultless work procedures.

In order to achieve the "Zero Defects" objective and the associated cost savings, constant improvements must be firmly asked for and encouraged. Team work and agreement beyond department boundaries are necessary for the improvement of the efficiency of the overall system.