Stahlbau Petry


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is expressed as the long-term, mutual trusting collaboration with the objective of also coping with the future requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we aim as a system provider for the fulfilment of the market needs using innovative and economic solutions. It is only possible in this way to provide products with high consumer benefit at a reasonable price. We apply our knowledge and our experience in a close cooperative relationship for the benefit of both sides. It is our declared objective to completely fulfil the customer expectations by means of early, joint collaboration already at the development phase.

Employee Satisfaction and Corporate Responsibility

An important part of our corporate culture is to use the complete potential of our employees in order to improve our business activity. The competence and skills of the employees are maintained and further developed by personnel planning, selection and development. Objectives for performance improvement and its verification are agreed with the employees. Due to constant willingness to tread new paths concerning material and methods in the product development, we are creating the pre-requisite for reliable, safe and environmentally-compatible methods, products and processes. In order to fulfil our corporate responsibilities, the requirements are within the framework of the legal provisions.